German Holidays

German Holidays

Germany is a fascinating country with a vast array of cultural heritage and religious celebrations. Excluding national holidays, all the public holidays in Germany are established by the federal states. Many of the German holidays are religious. Some of the holidays including New Year, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labor Day, Ascensions Day, Whit-Monday, Day of German Unity, and Christmas are observed in all the federal states of Germany.Like America, Germany has holidays with fixed and moveable dates. Movable dates are those dates that vary according to the cycle of the moon.

Neujahr or New Year’s Day, Epiphany, Karfreitag or Good Friday, Ostern or Easter Sunday, Ostermontag or Easter Monday, Tag der Arbeit or May Day, Ascension Day, Pfingsten or Whitsunday, Whit-Monday, Corpus Christi, Assumption Day, Reformation Day, All Saints, Penance Day, Heiligabend or Christmas Eve, Weihnachtstag or Christmas Day, and Boxing Day are some of the public holidays celebrated by the German speaking countries.Out of these, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whitsunday, Whitmonday, and Corpus Christi are with movable dates.Augsburg is the only town in Germany with an additional public holiday. August 8th is celebrated as the Peace Festival. Either Carnival Monday (“Rose Monday”) or Mardi Gras is a de facto holiday in many towns and cities in catholic western and southern Germany which have a strong Carnival tradition.Tag der deutschen Einheit, the German Unity Day, is observed on October 3rd. January 6th commemorates Epiphany and is observed in almost all the catholic regions of Germany. According to the catholic tradition, on St. Nicholas Day (December, 6th) St. Nicholas visits the children’s home with his companion Knecht Ruprecht. His main role is to give sticks to those kids who have been well behaved. Martinmas, also called as the feast of Plowman, is usually celebrated during late November. Like Americans, Germans also celebrate Thanksgiving Day; it is called as Erntedanktag in Germany and is celebrated as an official holiday.

Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day, Annunciation, April Fool’s Day, Walpurgis Night, St. Swithin’s Day, St. John the Baptist’s Day, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Fasching, Michaelmas, and Mardi Gras are some of the other German holidays.

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