Preparing and Organizing for the Holidays

Preparing and Organizing for the Holidays

It’s either “Here we go again” or “I can’t wait for the holiday season to arrive”. Most likely the people saying the latter are those of us that have mastered a system that allows us to focus on enjoying the holidays.Here are holiday organizing tips to help create a smooth and less stressful holiday season:Focus on What REALLY MattersThink of what makes the holiday season meaningful to you. Is it family? Gift giving? Cooking? Relaxing? Working on chores that have been put off?Know what matters to you and focus your holiday season around this. If family and gift giving are the activities that will make you the happiest, but cooking and chores are activities you are dreading, enlist help. The holidays are a family event that should include family participation for every activity, including chores.What Worked and What Didn’tMost likely what worked was a holiday season that allowed you to focus on what matters most.

Look into past holiday seasons and think of which years were enjoyable; look back and think of which holiday seasons were the most stressful and the most hectic. Can you answer why?Take Lists and Set LimitsAfter you know what is most important for you during the holidays and what did and did not work in the past, it’s time to put it down on paper and to set limits.Lists, Lists, Lists……For example:
Make a list for what makes you happy during the holidays and what stresses you out, and on the same paper write down what worked in the past and what did not.

Make a list of friends and family that will receive gifts, receive cards, gift ideas, and if these gifts have been purchased yet.

Make a list of chores that need to be done, who will do them, what they will do, and when they will do it.

Make a list of which decorations you currently have and items you need to buy.

Do the same thing in the kitchen for food items, recipes, and cooking tools. Writing down what you have, purge the items that will not be used, and make a list of items you need to buy.Limits, Limits, Limits…..With your list, set limits. Put down a date that each chore needs to be completed by and do your best to ensure that this happens. If you have a budget set for a gift you will buy for each family member or friend, stick to those individual budgets (note: a total gift buying budget won’t work, use individual gift buying budgets). Without limits, things can easily get out of control.Some Organizing TipsHalf the battle is getting lists down on paper and setting limits. The other half for an organized holiday season is having your areas and holiday essentials organized.

Bring the items that you will be using to the areas where they will be used. For example, if you usually do not bake during the year, but during the holidays you plan to bake cookies, bring your baking tools to an area that will be easily accessible; bring gift wrapping items to the forefront; greeting cards should be in a predetermined area, and so forth.

When shopping avoid lines. Determine a time to go shopping with family and by yourself.

Purchase some additional gifts, just in case someone that you did not expect gives you a gift.

Have food containers ready for the leftovers. If you have them, you can get them to an accessible area, and if you don’t you may need to invest in some

Hopefully this helps create a less stressful holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Author: Jeremy Glennon General Manager Organize It Find all your Holiday Storage needs at Organize It