Some Truly Unusual Holiday Health Concerns

Some Truly Unusual Holiday Health Concerns

If you have been struggling to find a reason why you should go on a holiday, then allow us to present you with four scientifically attested claims about the beneficial effects of holidays. First of all, it is proven that people who change their settings and go on a holiday once to twice a year live longer than those people who spend their days off-work in the same cities, and these people have very little chances to be diagnosed with insomnia and other sleep disorder issues. It is also said that these people engage in healthier relationships with other individuals, and finally, these people are very seldom diagnosed with depression. Still, this doesn’t mean that holidays always come hand in hand with fun. Sometimes, the holidays can instigate some unusual health concerns.Dental problemsWhen people go on a holiday, the one thing they always do is overindulge in something they like. One study initiated by the University of Strasbourg has showcased that the number one unusual health concern associated with the holidays is chipped teeth. Overindulgence in food and beverages cannot be pinpointed as the main culprit behind these dental accidents. Usually the reason for this can be traced back to irresponsible behaviour, as people who are vacationing feel as if they have the prerogative to act in a relaxed manner. The dental works in some countries can come with some hefty price tags, so make sure that your dental insurance will cover a great percentage of the dental work fees.

Blazing and extreme sunburnsUsually, the word holiday is associated with pearly white sand beaches, crystal clear blue lagoons and a bunch of coconut trees swinging in the back. However, the word holiday is more often associated with a nice suntan, and people on holiday go to extreme measures to show the world that they have actually been somewhere where the sun is blazing all day long. The consequence of the unreasonable “grilling” under the sun is called extreme sunburn, and it is a rather common and unusual holiday health concern. If this happens to you, it is advisable to take some mild painkiller in order to relieve the pain and then apply a solution of diluted white vinegar in a religious manner. A cold yogurt also helps in cases of extreme sunburns, so when you hit the stores, always remember to buy one pack of yogurt in case of an emergency.Yeast InfectionFungus thrives in places that are moist and warm, and the damp bikini is the best holiday resort for this yeast infection culprit. Yeast infections are also very common holiday health concerns, yet the number of people who take this concern seriously is very small. Fungus can create a havoc in the area around your genitals, and you will have anything but a pleasant holiday if you do not change your bathing suit as soon as you are out of the water. Also, it is advised that you stay away from damp towels and damp stools in the pool bar.

Sober HangoversHolidays can be the perfect soil for triggering a health reaction known as sober hangover. The air in the airplanes is dry due to the high altitudes; the levels of oxygen also are decreased significantly and the warm and humid climates can instigate the worst hangover ever. Although some people call it a jet leg, the so called sober hangover is the worst variant of a jet lag. The excruciating headaches and vertigo episodes can last up to a month, and the worst part is that the individual who is affected by this hangover feel aversion towards alcohol.Unusual health concerns associated with holidaysHolidays can be the perfect antidotes for the stressful lives we all live, however you have to be aware of the fact that there are things that can go wrong, and the only way to deal with these problems is to gain awareness about them and their efficient resolution.