Why Choose a Caravan Holiday Within a Holiday Abroad

Why Choose a Caravan Holiday Within a Holiday Abroad

1.It’s so much cheaperOne of the most common reasons people choose a caravan holiday is that it is cheaper than going abroad; airline fees and hotel prices can result in paying huge amounts. Travel costs are also cheaper if you choose a caravan holiday, the only extras you need to budget for is the cost of petrol to and from your destination; parking fees and electrical use will be a minimal amount. Flights and excess baggage, just to name a few, easily add up the travel costs and result in spending huge amounts.2.It’s easyThe planning involved in having a caravan holiday is minimal; all you have to do is pack your bags and go. In contrast to this, flying abroad can be a long process and involves a lot of planning; you need to weigh your suitcase, arrive at least 2 hours before your flight is due to leave, arrange transfers, organise passports and make sure you have the correct documentation, there is also the possibility of potential delays and having to deal with nervous flyers.

3.Holidays are about relaxingChoosing a caravan holiday requires little effort and no worries. Stress can be associated with travelling abroad as you may have to rush for flights, be restricted by hotel check in and out times, ensuring you get the correct vaccinations before leaving, dealing with language barriers and the hassle of changing up your sterling into another currency. If there is an emergency it won’t cost you a fortune to change your plans; arriving late, leaving items behind or having to leave early won’t be an issue. Holidays abroad are too often about sight-seeing and doing as many activities as possible, a caravan holiday can be has relaxing as you want it to be.4.You can go at your own paceMost often, travelling abroad means you end up losing a day or two travelling because of flight times, having a caravan holiday means you do not have to add on an extra day to travel to and from your destination, you can arrive and leave pretty much when you like and are able to go at your own pace, the only time lost is travelling to your destination by driving. Caravan holidays are also ideal for those wanting a weekend away; as you don’t need extra time for travelling you can be back by Sunday.5.It brings the family togetherBringing the family together for a holiday can be very difficult if choosing to go abroad. Some don’t like flying, some don’t like the heat and others don’t want to be too far away from home and it can also be too expensive for others. Choosing a caravan holiday is simple, easy and cheap ensuring it suits every family member. If for any reason you need to be easily accessible to get back home, for elderly or disabled relatives or a family member who is pregnant then a caravan holiday is a lot more ideal then being in another country.

6.You meet new peopleWhen you go on holiday you often meet lots of people, but who are usually from another part of the world or at least the other side of the UK. Choosing a caravan holiday means you meet people from nearby and surrounding areas, meaning you are more likely to stay in contact once the holiday is over.7.Explore Great! BritainWith hundreds of sites across the UK to choose from, you are able to explore your own country. Why not visit North Devon this year, for outstanding scenery and a variety of attractions to suit all family members including the Quince Honey Farm, The Milky Way Adventure Park, Ilfracombe Aquarium, Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park, Clovelly fishing village, Rock and Rapid Adventre Centre and many more attractions to choose from.

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